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What Is My SEO Ranking? Analyze Your SEO Score!

Suppose you want to check out your website’s ranking position and SEO score. In that case, you need to check different aspects to analyze the SEO score. You must know that the SEO ranking depends on keywords, on-page metrics, backlinks, technical SEO, ranking metrics, local SEO, content, and other relevant things. 

In today’s post, I would be answering your question ‘what is my SEO ranking’ based on online tools

Many SEO analysis tools can help you check website SEO scores, but not all can get accurate results. This is the reason that I have listed the best SEO check online tools!

Check SEO with these tools!

Here are some tools which would help you check SEO for free and with accuracy:

1. Website SEO score checker!

EO score checker

The website SEO checker by Small Seo Tools can provide you services for SEO analysis. This tool’s working is quite simple, and you can check the SEO score in less than seconds. This online tool is universally compatible with all sorts of devices. It would help if you had a web connection and a basic understanding of the web to try this SEO tool. On this website SEO checker, you have to enter the link/URL for which you want to check the SEO score. You can also insert keywords and analyze their positions with this utility. The tool would provide you all the data which would enable you to:

  • See what is going on the website on a general level.
  • Discover all the issues relevant to search engine optimization and fix them.
  • You can find out what works and what doesn’t on your site.
  • Identify and understand why and what needs to be changed, improved, or removed from your site.

2. Ahref


This is also among the top-ranked search engine optimization tools found on the web. You must know that Ahref is the second most accurate tool that can crawl a website and check every bit of it. Ahref would tell you different SEO aspects of a website. The most common results that you can find with Ahref are mentioned below:

  • Ahref can check SEO by making a complete site audit. In this audit, you would find the website’s parts that need to be improved or removed.
  • You will get complete information about the used backlinks and their quality.
  • You would get accurate details about the value of the traffic on your site.
  • You can know about the keywords being used on the website along with the new keywords in trend.
  • The content explorer feature of this tool helps you find information about the content indexed on the search engine and under what keywords.

3. Google search console

Google search console

This is another online tool offered by Google, which can help you monitor your SEO score and help you index your domain. The search console can give details about the website’s content, the keywords being used on it, the ranking position of those keywords, the backlinks used in the content, the authority of the links, the traffic coming from those links, and other important metrics if you have created a new website that you have indexed and want to monitor its ranking position then you definitely to try Google search console. 

4. Answer the Public: Free SEO Tools

Answer the Public: Free SEO Tools

This is another free SEO analyzer tool that can improve your blog/site based on its current position. This utility would get you information about the stuff that needs to be updated and changed. This recommendation would be given based on user intent and interest. For example, if your website has content filled with keywords that are no longer being used by the audience, the tool would help you find the new topics that are in trend along with the keywords that can help you target a huge set of audiences. The tool hardly takes five minutes to get you a complete effective plan for better search engine optimization.

5. WooRank SEO ranking tool!

WooRank SEO ranking tool

This is another free SEO analysis tool that is among the top utilities in this league for your information. This tool comes with both paid and free plans, and it is up to you to pick the suitable plan according to your budget and requirements. This SEO rank checker tool would check your site/page for all sorts of technical and local optimization tactics and tell you what works and what doesn’t on your site. You will also get in-depth information about the amount of traffic you are receiving from different places and the average CTR ratio. All of this information is best for the improvement of the SEO score.

For more details about SEO analysis, I would suggest you stay tuned with me!

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