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8 Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Keyword research plays an important role in any SEO approach, but not everyone has the resources to start with a paying keyword research tool because most premium tools are quite costly.

If you search on Google for a list of SEO tools, you’ll find that the industry now has around 200 tools. All of them are distinct in terms of features, volumes, data sources, and, obviously, costs. Most premium tools have free versions as well. Some of them offer a free trial for a particular time with limited features, and some offer a full-featured package for 14 days or a month.

In this article, I am going to review the 8 best free keyword research tools. They are each better suited for a particular keyword research task and are no worse than its paid variants. I have also included tools that offer premium plans along with free versions with limited features based on the popularity they gained in the industry.

Note: In my personal experience i have used almost all of these tools and believe me, for a startup website and a new blogger, these tools are more than enough to do the job. 

1. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker

The best SEO keywords aren’t really straightforward. One must search out all the combinations from different data sources to locate real jewels in keywords. This is the basis of keyword research.

This is where Rank Tracker takes the lead by offering 23 different keyword research tools inside it:

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon’s suggestions;
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner and the incorporation of Google Search Console;
  • Database with all the competitors’ SEO keywords;
  • Long-tail keyword and question generator;
  • Common misspellings and permutations;
  • And the list goes on

I got the maximum list of keyword suggestions using the tools one by one. Moreover, I was able to analyze more about the difficulties of keywords and traffic of each keyword. That helped me to concentrate my SEO energies on what is best to maximize traffic.

Free Version

Since the tool has a rich premium edition, the 100% free version is completely adequate for keyword research. It allows using all the software to evaluate the traffic capacity of keywords.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps to monitor organic search website output. This ensures that it displays certain details about the keywords that are already ranked for.

This research data is an ideal way to discover unintended SEO routes. For instance, Google already treats the URL as important for the keyword, whether it currently ranks on page two or three. And maybe the URL wants only a little SEO boost to hit page one and get a lot of traffic.

Sometimes page-one rating keywords struggle in terms of clicks (have low CTRs). A little tuning or applying the Schema markup to SERP snippets might function well here.

Free Version

This is a free keyword research tool.

3. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner tool makes it a lot easier to identify ideal keywords for creating content on the website and promotional campaigns. Make a small list of keywords and evaluate how often people seek these keywords, how aggressive the exposure rate is for such keywords, and alternative, more useful keywords for ads.


  • Access accurate details on Google Search in real-time
  • Assemble keywords in lists focused on various promotions, commercial potential, and more
  • Easy integration with Google Ads

Free Version

100% free.

4. Answer the Public  

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a specific tool to visually reflect possible search queries based on Google and Bing autocomplete results.

Content addressing the specific queries is one of the core factors of the success of keyword research. In fact, content focused on questions has a better chance to get into featured Google replies or so-called results of ‘position 0.’

Answer the Public is an easy keyword platform that blends keywords with different query terms to help find common queries about the market niche like what, how, who, when, why, where, which, are, and is.

Free Version

100% free.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

How Google searches are carried out varies from Amazon, Etsy, or eBay searches. Google is used to identify shopping sites, while Amazon et al. are searching for the real products required.

It would not suffice for an Amazon vendor to do Google Keyword Research. A list optimized for Amazon search is needed as well.

Keyword Tool Dominator is a nice tool for searching into the Amazon database. The only thing to note is that the search volume of the keyword cannot be verified. Only a list of basic suggestions for keywords will be generated.

Free version

Although it is a free keyword research tool, only 3 queries per database every day are allowed without a paying license.

6. is a keyword research tool that allows discovering and organizing thousands of long-distance keywords for free from many sources. This tool includes a wide collection of the most important keywords that compose more meaningful content to better connect with the audience.

Free Version

The free version is available but with limited features.

7. Google Trends

Google Trends

In different regions around the globe, Google Trends helps to see which subjects are trending. Google Trends helps to provide a rundown of recent trending subjects, explore industry-related search patterns, or figure out how trendy a particular subject is.

Some of the features I find incredibly useful in Google Trends are as follows:

Trend maps directly from Google for real-time data.
Options to view Google Photos, Google Shopping, and YouTube data are available.
Category breakdown allows searching on certain pages for mentions of particular keywords

Free Version

100% free.

8. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a complimentary browser that enables keyword research to be carried out naturally when searching Google, Bing, YouTube, etc.

Each search is considered as a keyword, and autosuggest automatically gives a search volume of keywords. A box of new keyword ideas on the right side of the page is integrated on SERPs themselves to encourage you to fill in a list of keywords without ever leaving Google.

Free Version

100% free


No SEO mission is far more important than keyword research. Regardless of the target and the company, choosing the right keywords from the SEO will lay the groundwork and shift the SEO campaign course. Therefore, it is better to pack a couple of these free and easy to use tools in SEO toolsets.

All these tools allow locating keywords free of charge. It’s also worth using various methods to gain diverse points of view in different ways.

All these tools have certain kinds of restrictions – it is just the essence of free tools. Once the site continues to expand, you may wish to upgrade to one of the best research tools for keywords overall to have even more comprehensive insights.

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  1. Very nice post buddy. I use SERP to do my keyword research. If I decide to choose one from the above list, which one would you recommend?

    • NISHAT, Actually I use Paid Plugin, Ahrefs, So I highly recommend Ahrefs, But yes Answer the Public is very good tool for long tail keywords.

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