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6 Key eCommerce Features That Every eCommerce Store Must Have

Running an eCommerce store successfully not only totally depends upon the quality of products you sell. There are plenty of other key factors that play a vital role. The success of your store also depends upon how well it is designed and how it is marketed. 

There are numerous features that can help you to make your eCommerce store easy to manage and user-friendly. But when we talk about the design of a store, it can be challenging to account for all of these necessary eCommerce site features. 

To amplify the design of an eCommerce store, store owners adopt emerging trends such as 360-degree product previews, animation, dynamic product search, and advanced filtering. 

However, keeping up with trends doesn’t guarantee better user experience or increased conversion rates. There are several other key elements that every eCommerce website should have in order to stay competitive and relevant. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through a list of 06 key eCommerce features that every eCommerce website should have to attract visitors.

1. User-friendly website interface

One thing that every eCommerce website owner should always bear in mind when they’re designing an eCommerce website is that it should be simple. 

Your primary goal should be to keep everything very simple without compromising on elegance. 

Around 76% of consumers prefer to use those websites to shop online, which are easy to use. The main objective is to make it easier for shoppers to find the products they’re interested in faster and without getting caught in complicated processes.

Believe us; you will only get a few seconds to make a sale. So focus on how you can improve user experience. Offer helpful options like flyers, shopping categorizes, and comparison tools. 

2. Mobile-friendly eCommerce website

Mobile-friendly eCommerce website

More than 50% of eCommerce shoppers use mobile to browse the products and place an order. Your website must be mobile responsive and intuitively adapts to any device. 

Companies like Walmart optimized their mobile sites, and they witnessed the increase in sales by 98%. No matter if your website has ten or hundreds of product pages. 

Offering a mobile-friendly shopping experience to your customers will not only improve your sales conversion rate but increase your search engine rankings.

3. Adding high-resolution images 

If you believe posting one product image with a two lines product description is enough and a price tag, you’re doomed. 

Shoppers always want to see your products from different angles because they’re unable to feel or touch them in real. The visual representation of your products must be enticing and par excellent. 

Use high-quality images to showcase your products. However, upload optimized images before uploading them on your website. If your image size is too big, it will take a long to load, which will increase the bounce rate. 

You can also add video tutorials to demonstrate your products in a better way.

4. Wish Lists

Wish Lists

We all love making wishlists and sharing them with friends and family. Their yearly revenues are usually compromised by eCommerce sites that don’t offer a wishlist feature. Allow your customers to add their favorite products in your wishlist. 

Probably, for now, they don’t have money to buy the products, but maybe in the future, they will. Also, when your customers share their wish lists among their friends and family, it sends free traffic on your site. 

5. Social proof

Social proof

Connecting with customers on an emotional level is necessary. You need to create advocacy and trust. Take full advantage of this opportunity and communicate with them. Try to understand what they want.

Therefore, it’s essential to link your eCommerce store with your social profiles. When shoppers visit your store, they don’t buy from you immediately. They always go on social media platforms to check what other people are saying about your business.

You can show your authenticity and connect with your customers emotionally.

6. Detailed shipping information

Unexpected shipping prices is one of the reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts. It’s highly critical that eCommerce stores must provide detailed shipping information to customers. There must be a ZIP code calculator as well, which can calculate delivery charges. 

Also, include the expected delivery time and ask them if they want fast delivery. It’s highly appreciated when you offer free shipping to customers or a flat shipping rate. The chances of cart abandonment rate will automatically decrease, and your conversion rate will increase.


So these 6 are the top most important eCommerce features that every eCommerce store must include to improve the customer experience and increase conversion rate.

There are other key eCommerce features like security seals, product variables, live chat, personalized items, etc. You can add innumerable features on your eCommerce site. Of Course, you have to consider your products and business type and make modifications accordingly. 

We hope this will be of a great help to you.

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