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10 Best Kickass Torrents Working Alternatives

From Hollywood to Bollywood, we have downloaded movies from torrents, Especially the generation of 90s like me who have done a lot of torrenting.

Yes, in many countries torrenting is illegal, especially in India. But in Pakistan, there are no serious laws against torrenting.

When I was a serial torrenter, there were many websites, But there was no competition of Kickass torrents.

Kickass Torrent was founded in the late 2008 by Artem Vaulin, and its popularity grew exponentially in a short period. Within six years of its inception, in 2014, the website had claimed the position of the most visited torrent website leaving behind The Pirate Bay, which has ruled the segment for many years.

However, in 2016, with all eyes on KickassTorrent, the website had to close, unfortunately, after the copyright owners of the content being shared on the site took legal action.

To cash on the platform’s popularity, many KickAss copycats have emerged. However, most have failed to provide the same user experience and extensive torrents database.

In this article, I will list all the kickass alternatives torrents sites which you can use in 2022.

Top 10 Alternatives to KickassTorrents

  1. LimeTorrents – 
  2. ExtraTorrent – 
  3. The Pirate Bay – 
  4. RARBG –
  5. Dirty Torrents –
  6. – 
  7. YTS.AM –
  8. TorLock –
  9. 1337X –
  10. IsoHunt –

1. LimeTorrent


LimeTorrents offers the refreshing and uplifting users experience that you would expect from a name like LimeTorrents. A new user-friendly zingy green-colored interface and a large database of magnet links and torrents await you at the site. Recognized the top torrent sites for two years in a row, you should surely check this site out if you are looking for a viable alternative for Kickass Torrents.

What I love about LimeTorrent are easy sorting options. The latest top and most popular torrents are sorted in designated categories, which makes locating them easily and hassle-free.

2. ExtraTorrent


Kickass Torrent is not available in your country, or if you are interested in an alternative, ExtraTorrent is hands down the best alternative when it comes to the range of torrents.

Like many other torrent sharing platforms, the original ExtraTorrent website was hit by legal action and bugs that forced the website to shut down. However, the mirror site is just as good as the original. With the same features and a large number of offerings, new users and loyal fans alike depend on the mirror site.

A popular feature of ExtraTorrent is a section of the latest copyright and torrent-related news in the top-left corner.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

If you have ever tried Kickasstorrents, then you would most probably be familiar with its most popular alternative – The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is one of the very few torrent sites that offer an enormous range of torrents.

From movies and TV series to Apps, Audio, and other entertaining videos! You name it, and The Pirate Bay has it! The reason why I always highly recommend The Pirate Bay is that it is amongst the few torrent sites that upload the latest content on the website.

4. 1337X


1337x is not much famous as Th Pirate Bay, But it is also one of the best alternate of Kickass torrents; 1337x is highly recommended for entertainment lovers, Because it offers a wide range of movies, music, and tv shows.

As we all know, ads are so disturbing while searching for movies on torrents, So the good news is that 1337X contains very limited ads and offers a good downloading speed, Around 3MB/s.

Along with pros, There are a few cons of 1337x, like a limited library and especially gamers usually disappointed from 1337x.

But still, for movie lovers, 1337x is a very good option.



RARBG is hands down one of the only torrent sites that come in full comparison with KAT Torrents, especially if you talk about the no-fuss website user interface. The other best thing about RARBG that makes it worth recommending it the full range of both classic and latest torrents.

From classic movies and TV Show episodes to the newly released ones – you will find it all and more on RARBG. So, if you are planning a sleepover, and you want to impress your friends and family with a collection of the latest movies! The RARBG has got you covered.


Nyaa is an excellent Kickass Torrents alternative, mainly because of the superb range of torrents and the easy-to-use website interface. Even if you are not a torrent pro, finding and downloading torrents from the is a piece of cake!

Why? Because offers an efficient and easy torrent sorting option that helps you select your desired Torrent within no time. I always recommend to new torrent users because of its impressively simple user interface.

7. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents

If you are not the biggest tech-savvy and you find torrent sites too complicated! A dirty Torrents is an excellent option for you! The clean-looking and straightforward interface will make it easier for you to select your desired content.

What I love about Dirty Torrents is that they do not only offer a good range of movies, TV shows, Apps, Games, and Music, but if you do not find your required content on Dirty Torrents, the website connects you to other torrent websites. So, Dirty Torrents isn’t just a fantastic torrent site with a good range of torrents, but it is also a smart torrent search engine.



If you are looking for that perfect torrent site that does not only offer a massive range of latest movies and TV show torrents, but you also want to enjoy HD quality! Then, look no further because if you talk about the best range of HD quality torrents, YTS.AM is always our top favorite torrent site.

Another reason why I always recommend YTS.AM is that their team actively updates the website and also takes requests. So, if you have placed a bet with your friends that you will find the latest/classic movie or TV show episode that is not available elsewhere! You can, without a doubt, trust YTS.AM to provide you with unique content!

9. TorLock


If you love torrenting, but you are concerned about rumors that torrent websites leak their member’s data! So, play it safe and download your torrents only from Torlock. Through the years, TorLock has built trust amongst its members.

What I don’t love about TorLock is the limited range of (legal) torrents; however, you have to compromise somewhere if you want legal torrents and optimum data secrecy.

10. IsoHunt


When it comes to the best KAT alternatives, I can’t forget to mention IsoHunt. It offers a wide range of downloadable torrents libraries and allows netizens to upload content in this category like TV shows, movies, games, books, anime, software, and music.

To download movies or any content, you need the IsoHunt client. The interface of the IsoHunt website is very user-friendly. Around 1.3 million torrenters visit IsoHunt monthly.

Is Using Torrents Legal?

No! The use of torrents or file-sharing services is not legal. There are many countries around the world that do not put pressure on the use of pirated content or enforce copyright infringement laws. South East Asia is the prime example of such a regions. Similarly, in certain EU nations (like Switzerland) the use of torrents remains legal as long as it is for personal use.

Having said that, downloading torrents and using file-sharing is illegal, whichever way you see it. And, if you get caught while using torrents, then there are serious repercussions. You can be penalized through fines, DMCA notices, IP blacklist, or lawsuits.

If that’s not scary enough, then copyright sharks (legal firms specializing in the prosecution of piracy) are the ones to watch out for. These specialized firms compel ISPs to provide consumer information that have indulged in copyright infringement; they monetize by out-of-court settlements (mainly cash payments) with the offender in order to avoid legal prosecution. The only way to protect you is through a VPN for torrent.

Is Using Torrents & File Sharing Ethical?

As far as ethics go, the final choice of usage depends on why you are using torrents. Ask any philosophy major, and they will tell you that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. To help you figure out, consider these points:

  • Copying and sharing are two very different things compared to stealing. If you are using torrents for the right reasons, like creating a backup or sharing copyrighted content with family members, then it is not the same as stealing.
  • Last year (2014), the US Motion Picture Industry grossed over $13.5 billion in annual revenues despite the allegations that piracy is eating away at Hollywood.
  • Music artists are doing better than ever before. Piracy has shifted the dynamics of the music industry, with artists generating the bulk of their revenue through live performances, tours, special appearances, and other sources of income instead of banking on the sale of music records.
  • Madonna has a deal with her record label that generates 95 percent of the income through concerts on tour. On the other hand, U2 released their latest album, “Songs of Innocence,” for free to all Apple iTunes users (500 million users, to be precise).
  • Although the technology incorporated by BitTorrent and other file-sharing services is not illegal (how it enables you to transfer files), it just doesn’t fall within the paradigm of copyright laws. There are many litigate uses of such services that copyright holders do not see.
  • Various copyright lobbies are pressurizing governments to crack down on infringers of the copyright and impose bans on such services that offer pirated content. Countries like Austria and Indonesia have recently blocked access to certain torrent websites. Earlier this year, media giant HBO was also on the hunt of Game of Thrones pirates.

Which Country is Safe for Using Torrent?

In the midst of all the legal requirements and copyright sharks hunting down copyright infringers, some countries are safe for using torrents. These countries don’t have strict copyright laws or any sort of data retention requirements that would compromise your online privacy and get you caught while downloading torrents.

Following are the countries you should look for when using torrents and also lookup servers located in these regions by torrent VPN:

Download Torrents in Switzerland

When it comes to finding the safest place for using torrent or file sharing service, nothing comes close to Switzerland. It is considered a safe haven for torrent users as downloading content via torrent is completely legal as long as it is for ‘personal use’.

Personal use can be a broad term, but according to the legal requirements, anything that is downloaded (even copyright material) without any attempt to make a profit or distribute it is completely legal in Switzerland.

If that was not enough, in Switzerland, collecting personal information about someone without their consent is deemed illegal. This includes your IP address, the only piece of information through which copyright sharks can track you. So third-party agencies cannot spy on you, nor can they collect any information about you.

Download Torrents in the Netherlands

Using torrents in the Netherlands is legal to some extent. You can safely download content for personal use, such as books, movies, music, pictures, and other material considered as art, even if they are protected by copyright. However, downloading other forms of intellectual properties like software is considered illegal.

Similarly, torrents are legal in the Netherlands as long as you do not upload copyrighted files. Since torrent and other file sharing services download and upload content at the same time, you will need to disable seeding in your BitTorrent or any other file sharing software.

Download Torrents in Spain


Spain offers similar kinds of protection to all torrent users, just like in Switzerland. According to various court rulings in cases involving copyright infringement, the judge ruled that downloading content via torrents for personal use is legal, as long as there is no intention of profit from that content.

Similarly, legal authorities and third parties cannot obtain your personal information until you are involved in a criminal investigation. This protects your privacy completely, and you can safely download torrents in Spain. If you are selecting the best torrent VPN, connect to servers located in Spain and use torrents without the fear of getting caught by copyright holders.

Mexico Torrenting


In Mexico, there are no strict laws for intellectual property protection. When we combine these lenient laws with the less developed economy of Mexico compared to other developed nations, there is no pressure on the law-making agencies for implementing such laws.

This makes the use of torrents completely safe in Mexico. Many torrent VPN services have optimized servers located in Mexico for sharing files. So when you are looking for the best torrent VPN, do look for servers located in Mexico.


In the end, I am not endorsing torrenting. Still, yes, there are many Pakistani who cannot afford paid accounts of Netflix and Amazon Because we are a third-world country. We are facing a lot of political and financial issues within our country.

Movies and gaming are perfect entertainment that every Pakistani can enjoy freely on their screen. The above-mentioned Kickass torrents alternative sites can help you download top movies and games.

So enjoy movies and games, and if you want to learn SEO and content marketing, you can join my SEO course.

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