WorkZone – The Oldest Project Management Software In The Industry

WorkZone is an online project management software which has made online collaborations extremely easy and convenient. This application has some highly user-friendly and really impressive features.

In the year 2002, Rick Mosenkis founded WorkZone, and today it is one of the oldest players in the project management software industry. This app provides tools for scheduling and advanced reporting to the marketing departments of companies and small agencies without using any odd interfaces that are still used in platforms of high-end project management software.

What WorkZone Offers??

Below are some key features of WorkZone that you should look at.

Online Project Collaboration

WorkZone has plenty of features for project collaboration. It provides assistance in creating workspaces, which are known as project portfolios. In these workspaces, projects are shaped that are based on tasks. WorkZone has created convenience for you by offering a to-do list and a calendar, where events and tasks can be updated if required. It has four distinct views. The document manager is for easy sharing of work with peers.

This application allows you to upload your documents and offer access to the people you wish to collaborate with. Emails are sent for notifying about the approvals, newly added comments, and document updates. Rights for access can be customized easily by you.

Project Management

Projects created using Work Zone are really quick compared to other tools that offer task management. The form of ‘Add a New Project’ is small and précised. You can create a project within no time and save it, whereas the advanced parameters can be set later on. If you are willing, you can set the Project Details instantly by opening the corresponding menu.


WorkZone has incorporated all the reports in a single place. So, there is no need to switch windows as all the reports are available under the head of ‘Project Tracker,’ for instance, project list, Gantt Chart, etc. The Recent Activity head provides a view of all the changes that you have made to your projects in the past seven days. WorkZone is a helpful tool for tracking upcoming activities.

Benefits of Using WorkZone

WorkZone is highly appropriate for managers and entrepreneurs who wish to make their work simpler and require an extra hand for completing their projects. Some of the benefits one gets by using WorkZone are as follows:

Task dependencies

WorkZone is helpful for scheduling tasks in such a way that if the deadlines aren’t met, the deadlines of the upcoming tasks get adjusted accordingly.


It is usually difficult for the management to create a design for subtasks in the project, which is actually a major flaw. Certain tasks can’t be planned in a proper manner with breaking them into smaller achievable goals. With WorkZone, you can easily create and manage all your subtasks in the most efficient manner.

Cross-Project Views

Task List is a simple feature, but it doesn’t let you view a single project at one time. WorkZone is not created with a focus on a single project. Therefore, it is highly useful for all kinds of businesses that are involved in multiple projects.


WorkZone has made it easier to keep track of time, so that all the resources can be allocated effectively.

Support Information

WorkZone is instinctive software that offers basic training and immense support to its customers for completing their projects successfully. Additionally, the users can also view checklists for best practices and video tutorials to gain a better understanding of how to use this project management application.

Final Words

WorkZone is an excellent application for large companies, majorly advertising and marketing agencies, that require help for carrying out multiple projects at the same time. This tool easily replicates similar procedures for projects, while the feature of emailing every day ensures that each team member is aware of their next goals.

WorkZone also helps managers in time management and provides direction to their departments, and reduces costs of penalty that is associated with missed deadlines or delays in project execution. All in all, WorkZone has successfully made it to the top providers of the project management software industry by offering some remarkable features and offerings.

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