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Things Every WordPress Developer Must Know

WordPress is a tool that requires time and knowledge to become a professional WordPress developer. Millions of blogs and websites are supported by WordPress. To get attractive WordPress, you can outsource the services from Website Development companies like Brandsterz. However, WordPress Development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are the few tactics all the pro-WordPress should know to develop a WordPress website:

1. Usage of Action and Filter Hooks

Hooks are the places where a WordPress developer can add his code and do changes in WordPress by default. Two forms of hooks are Action and Filter. Action – You can cause a new action in WordPress by using an action hook. It includes widget creation or Tweet when the new post is published. Filter – You can make changes in data sent to WordPress before. It involves the customization of the excerpt display at the end of your web post.

2. Template Hierarchy of WordPress

Template Hierarchy of WordPress

Pages are attached from different template files under WordPress. Each template file is for a different part of the page, and all these pages together make your content from the WordPress Plugin. For example, a user visits a page like “http://yoursite/author/Ran.” Firstly, WordPress will look for the templated named author – Ran.php. If it didn’t find a file with this name, then it will search for author.php. The WordPress template moves up the hierarchy for every user and keeps changing until finding the exact search result.

3. Gitattributes

If you are using Git on your WordPress site, you should know about it. gitattributes. It can delete your themes and plugins for end users. It allows you to configure settings like specific directories and files. The settings include such features as the content of files and configuring path-specific merge planning. Learn about these attributes and use them accordingly.

4. Never Edit Core

The basic guidelines every WordPress website design development company or freelance WordPress developer should keep in mind is – Never alter core files. Because when the WordPress core gets upgraded, the core installations will be overwritten with new upgrades. If the core is edited, the segments of the new installation will not work and spoil the establishment of the core. Messing up with core files will create loopholes in your WordPress website security and allow hackers to attack your WordPress site.

5. Site Security

Site Security

A WordPress web developer should be aware of security threats or viruses such as SQL injections and malware. There are different tools and techniques to secure your system from such threats and attacks. But a promising thumb rule is the best option to keep all your plugins, database, and themes updated with the latest version.

6. Learn about the creation of Site-Specific Plugins

When you want to make a change, the site-specific plugin is useful to change the theme. It also helps with editing and extension on the existing plugin. So, if you want to do any customizations, create site-specific plugins, then enter code in the theme’s function.php file.

7. Styles and Scripts in WordPress

Styles and Scripts in WordPress

Some WordPress websites have different plugins by developers. If plugins have script hooking and linking HTML tags, they might create duplicate files. You can use enqueueing a CMS-friendly method for adding scripts. It is advisable to use enqueuing scripts and styles to add scripts than using scripts and linking HTML tags to add CSS files. If you are using the wp_enqueue_script() WordPress Function for hooking the flies, there will be duplicates. However, use enqueue for your WordPress themes also.

8. Debug first

If you are developing any WordPress plugin, enable the debugging option till you complete the plugin code. It will help you to write the prominent code and debug the error automatically. If something goes wrong, WordPress will notify you.

9. Use the right hosting provider

Use the right hosting provider

As a WordPress web developer, you must know that web hosting is an important element of a successful website. It improves your website SEO, sales, provides security, and runs smoothly. Make sure you use updated web hosting services with ultimate customer support. If you don’t know how to do it, you can outsource WordPress development services like freelance WordPress developers.

10. Understanding of WordPress Database

A WordPress developer should have deep knowledge of the core WordPress database. WordPress has 11 core tables. Each core table consists of different functionality and sections of a WordPress site. Without accessing the admin panel, you can change the password, disable the plugin and set new themes by using the core tables.

Final Thoughts

WordPress development is not an easy task. You must have thorough knowledge about WordPress and its functioning. These were the few things a developer should know for better site development. The requirement for WordPress developers is increasing gradually. If you want to develop your website, outsource professional WordPress Website development services.

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