5 Best Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker movie streaming website is a godsend for all of us who love watching movies online for free. The platform’s easy-to-use design and the vast range of movies available for streaming make it a popular choice for thousands of users. People have been using Putlocker for nearly a decade, but recently the website has been facing its fair share of issues.

Free streaming websites like Putlocker are susceptible to frequent and sudden shutdowns and takedown because of the copyright infringement issues and legal action taken by the owners of the content that the website may be streaming illegally without the permission of the owner.

Are Movie Streaming Websites Safe To Use?

Usually, reputable free online movie streaming websites like Put locker and most other sites listed in this blogs are safe to use. While you use such a website, you will encounter many ads, which we advise that you do not click to avoid any exposure to download that may harm your system.

To avoid the frustration when Putlockers is inaccessible on your next movie night with friends, family, or a special someone, we suggest that you have a list of alternative streaming websites that offer excellent online movie streaming services for free.

Here are our picks of the very best Putlocker alternatives for your next movie night:

1. Fmovies


Fmovies offers a stylish, streamlined interface that is easy on the eyes and extremely easy to use. The browsing experience on Fmovies is top-notch thanks to its great categorization of movies that makes finding your desired films quick and easy.

Unfortunately, the platform can be slow when traffic is high, which can negatively impact on the viewing experience. There is a limited number of ads on the website, but you should expect a pop-up ad or two when you click to watch the movie.


2. 123movies


Another favorite among online free movie streamers, 123movies, is loved for its simplicity and ease. The website has been around for many years and has become extremely popular among users. The platform features Hollywood movies, including new releases and classics, as well as foreign films that might be hard to find anywhere else.

The simple yet useful categorization of movies on the website makes finding desired titles easy as one, two, and three! The loading speeds are fast, with minimal buffering. You can watch movies without registering or signing up, and you won’t be bothered by too many ads.


3. LosMovies


LosMovies impresses us every time with its fantabulous range of latest and classic movies. Finding movies on LosMovies is as simple as ‘You name it! And LosMovies has it!’ We have tested out several online movie streaming sites, but none of them come up to the mark with LosMovies.

LosMovies currently offers more than 42,500 movies from all genres. But that is not it! LosMovies also has an extensive range of TV shows and series. With more than 8,000 TV shows, we are sure that you will most definitely find the latest episode of your favorite TV show and TV series on LosMovies.


4. GoMovies

GoMovies is always an excellent online movie streaming website if your friend is around the corner, and you have promised them to screen the top trending or latest movies from across the globe. GoMovies never disappoints with the range of its movie and TV show range.

GoMovies is our ‘go-to’ option because the website has a straightforward layout, and you can easily find all of the top trending and latest movies and TV shows on the website front.

You can also find the latest IMDb ratings of every movie and TV show on the website, so you can make suggestions to your friends without going into the hassle of checking the IMDb website.


5. Subsmovies


If you always want to be the first one who watches the latest movies and never misses an episode of the most trending TV series – Subsmovies has got you covered.

What we love about Subsmovies is its simple website interface. All the movies and TV shows on SubsMovies are categorized alphabetically and according to different genres and release dates on the website.

Due to SubsMovies’ smart website interface, you and your friends can easily and quickly locate and select movies and series on the website. Believe us! You do not have to be tech-savvy to find your favorite content on Subsmovies!



We find all of the top 5 online movie streaming websites an excellent alternative to Putlocker. Without a doubt, all of these alternatives carry an impressive range of latest and classic films and TV series from all genres.

However, you have to remember to keep in mind that you will experience a ton of ad disturbance. Still, if you overlook this con, you can enjoy a perfect movie night at home with your friends and family without even spending a single penny.

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