1. I agree with the social media aspect of this post. It’s very true that all sorts of companies (B2B and B2C) can utilize social media for eCommerce.

  2. Hey the article was really great and it should help for the new bloggers who are confused that which platform is best for blogging, thanks

  3. great content…really impressed.. Its informative post..will share and bookmark this..thank you so much for sharing this valuable information…

  4. Very nice post buddy. I use SERP to do my keyword research. If I decide to choose one from the above list, which one would you recommend?

    • NISHAT, Actually I use Paid Plugin, Ahrefs, So I highly recommend Ahrefs, But yes Answer the Public is very good tool for long tail keywords.

  5. Some are paid while others are free or have a free version. are the free ones okay or do i really need to pay? what do i lose or miss in the free version?

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