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An Unforgettable Tour To Ormara Beach, Balochistan

In this fast-paced era, everyone is running to achieve their goals and trying to fulfill their responsibilities, and by doing all these people suffer from depression and anxiety. No matter if you are doing work from home or 9 to 5 job, people are facing these issues, including me. It has been five years since I have started running my own business, and believe me; the main reason was just to spend few time for myself, which always makes me feel relax.

Digital Marketing is my life, but traveling is my Lifeline. If I don’t travel for at least three months and have even a two-day vacation, I genuinely feel exhausted. Vacation doesn’t mean that you have to travel to a foreign country or an exotic location. Vacation means some ME time with family and friends with no work or responsibilities. Believe it or not, but I always take at least a weekend off from my daily life and enjoy somewhere in a scenic place, either with family members or friends. This time I chose to visit ORMARA BEACH in Balochistan, Pakistan, with my friends.

Yes, this is not a Marketing related Article! Surprise?

Today, I would like to share my experience of Visiting Ormara Beach, with you all.

Why Ormara Beach?

Balochistan is one of the biggest yet most beautiful provinces of Pakistan. The beauty of Balochistan lies in its beaches and waterfalls. Ormara beach is located in the Gwadar District of Balochistan. It is located 360 kilometers west of Karachi (the city where I currently reside). It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan.

When three of my friends decided to visit Ormara beach, we were in a pickle at first. The concern was safety and security. Ormara beach is quite far from the city area and is secluded; It has some security issues in the past. So, we decided to look for a trusted and well-reputed traveling company.  

If you guys watch intellectual content on the internet, you must be a follower of Junaid Akram (Ganjiswag). I saw his Instagram story in which he has recommended Travel Tuckers for a trip to Balochistan.

So, I contacted the Travel Tucker team via their Instagram profile and booked seats for four people. We were asked to meet at a specific point on the very next day. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the entire night. The next day, I met my friends, and we booked a Careem cab. We reached the given destination, and the buses were ready to go. Due to the heavy traffic of Karachi, we were 20 minutes late. Thank god that tour management waited for us and was in contact throughout via call.

We sat on the bus and started our journey towards Ormara beach. It’s a long 7 hours bus ride to reach Ormara beach from Karachi. But, while traveling, we had a splendid time and made some new friends as well. There was a singing competition, sharing jokes and whatnot.

We reached our destination at around 4 pm, and it was kinda scary when you find no humans on the road, especially if you are living in a crowded city. With the first sunlight, I took some awesome pictures. Just see these pictures and tell me, don’t you think it is more beautiful than any beach in Thailand or a mall in Dubai.

beach 1
beach 2
beach 3
beach 4

I never expected to have such beauty in front of my eyes, but it was there all and all. I genuinely would like to thank 

 Mr. Junaid Akram for recommending Zahra Tuba and Syed Usama, the owners of Travel Tuckers, for arranging such fantastic trips to the undiscovered or unknown corners of our beloved country Pakistan.  

Syed Usama

Zahra Tuba

But that is just the beginning of the fun. “Ye tu bus shurwat hai…”

After some scenic photography, we were served a delicious lunch, and it was mouth-watering. We were shocked when the management announced RANGOLI FUNORAMA, which wasn’t on the itinerary, so it was cherry on the top.

Playing with non-chemical colors and having lots of fun, we were quite tired. Check out the pics below to see how much fun it was to play Rangoli.


To kill the tiredness, we were served with an awesome Hi-Tea & Doodh-Patti made all of us feel refresh like we were charged with new batteries. After tea, we rested on the beach under the sun, and in the background, there was slow-soft traditional music that made me feel so much relaxed. It felt like all the tiredness I had in the last couple of months had vanished. The management was busy arranging the equipment for the night concert.

The management has invited some good singers, and we had so much fun dancing to their melodious songs. Check out some cool pictures of the concert below:

singing 1
singing 2
born fire

After the concert, the management served us an auspicious dinner with so many dishes. After the dinner, the party was moved to the beach in the water. There were superb arrangements of lighting and a proper DJ system. After enjoying some soft traditional music, it was time to shake the booty on rhythmic songs like BHANGRA and HONEY SINGH YO YO Trance/EDM. I felt like I was at a New Year’s White Theme beach party in Thailand.

fireworks 1
fireworks 2
fireworks 3
fireworks 4

There were fireworks too, which was also a surprise for all of us. Later on, we were asked by the management to return to tents. Yes, there were dozens of camping tents provided by the Tour management and inclusive of the tour price. But, if people want to avail the Room facility, they need to pay extra for a room. Most families prefer to avail room due to Kids or female members. Since we were all guys, we rested in one of the tents. The management gave us a wake-up call at around 7 AM as they have arranged a Yoga session. I never had Yoga in my entire life. It was my first ever experience, and I won’t lie. It was one of the best and most refreshing experiences of my life.

princess of hope

After, Yoga and Photography sessions, we were served a tasty breakfast. There were halwa puri, and chai, along with Chola allu gravy. After 30 minutes of breakfast, we all packed our stuff and sat on the bus to start our journey back to the same stressful life. Before reaching our destination, we had a fantastic journey back home with guitar jamming and singing competition. Although we all were so tired because of such a long trip and lack of sleep, yet we were singing like crazy.

After 7 hours of good company, we returned to the same point where we started the journey. My friends took uber and went back to their home, and I came back to mine.

End of the Story

No matter if it is a 7 or 12 hours of bus ride, if you know that you will have so much fun at the end of the road, you will bear it with a smiling face. All the memories are captured in pictures, but I can not express the fun and refreshment I felt in those moments. I feel like I was born again with a new spirit. Everything was amazing, from the destination to the beach, from the scenery to the people, from food to the entertainment and music. All and all was amazing and fantastic.

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