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Interview With Vít Michalek

Search Engine Marketing is an enigma. Some say they’re experts, while others have a hard time in getting acquainted with the concept.

Of course, with the right tools and strategies at your disposal, you can transform your SEO game to gain more customers, and ultimately, a return on investment.

We sat down and talked with Vit Michalek, SEO expert and CEO of SERPAPI, a backlinks API allowing you to get search results from Google.

It was an interesting session that added significant value to the discussion. We discussed all things past, present, and future of search engine optimization.

So, let’s see what we discussed.

Hi Vit, I hope you’re doing good.

Zubair: So, let’s begin this interview. First things first, can you provide me a short introduction about yourself and SEOSERPAPI for my readers.

Vit: Greetings, and thanks for the opportunity to express yourself. My name is Vít Michalek; I am from the Czech Republic. Since 2006 I have been dealing with activities such as SEO, Link Building. In addition to marketing, I am also a programmer, so I can also see the technical complexity of projects and their solutions.

SEOSERPAPI.com is my new service that I launched in early 2021. If you need information about backlinks or get search results from Google. This is a simple API where you get this information. You don’t need any other accounts, proxies, etc.

Zubair: Oh, that’s great. Now, I’ve got this pressing question I want to ask you. As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is raging, and many industries have been impacted by it. In what ways do you think that pandemic has affected the digital industry as a whole? 

Vit: According to my experience and reports in the area, the digital industry has grown, and this is largely due to the situation with COVID-19. E.g., the situation in e-commerce, stone shops had to go online, food delivery from restaurants that did not even consider it, etc.

Zubair: Yes, a lot of these factors have contributed significantly to the pandemic. Okay, so it’s 2020, and a lot of experts and gurus are predicting the rise of paid SEO instead of organic SEO. I’m interested in getting your take on this matter. In this world of paid marketing, is SEO still a thing?

Vit: PPC (Pay Per Click) will definitely grow; it is the fastest way to bring in new customers compared to SEO. SEO is a long-term matter; quality does not manifest itself overnight. The best solution is to invest in PPC and at the same time build a quality website that will grow in the long run. It is not good to rely on one channel.

Zubair: I’m going to ask you about Link building. What, in your opinion, are the best link building techniques available today?

Vit: The best are the natural ones. When someone writes about you on their own and doesn’t want anything in return, but this rarely happens. My favorite techniques are guest posts, case studies, and comments. But only if the answer is beneficial to the user and does not just serve to create a link.

Zubair: Oh, alright. I’m curious about whether or not traditional backlink creation techniques like directories, classifieds, blog comments are still effective, or are the newer techniques more effective?

Vit: Yes, as I wrote above, these are still working techniques.

Zubair: Let’s talk about social media. Because of the recent competition due to the pandemic, do you think that PPC rates on social media have risen?

Vit: It depends on the industry, but PPC has grown in general. There are new advertisers who have never advertised before the situation with COVID-19. Now, for many of them, it is a struggle for survival – financial survival.

Oh alright.

Okay, so Vít, I don’t want to take too much of your time, so I’m just going to conclude the interview right here.

Okay, Vít, thank you for your time.

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