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Google Postpones Its Next Page Experience Update Until Mid of the June

The website owners and administrators now get more time to improve their website’s page user experience as Google has postponed its update to roll out in mid of June instead of May 2021. Google has recently announced a major algorithm update to rank pages with good and bad user experience, and it is going to happen in mid of June and will be fully functional by the end of August 2021. 

Google stated that: 

“The Update will help you continue to make refinements to your website with page experience in mind,” 

Since the update has been postponed, Google yet has released a few updates, including:

What Can We Expect In The Mid-June Rollout? 

We can expect the following things to happen in the Mid-June update: 

  • AMP badge will slowly start going away 
  • Ranking will start changing 
  • Google has not finalized plans for the Page Experience Badge, so we have to wait for it.
  • All the websites that meet Google News content policies and guidelines will have higher chances to be visible in the top Stories carousel feature on Google Search. AMP will no longer be a ranking factor for Google Search news stories
  • AMP will not be the core requirement for Google News App
  • Experts speculate that HTTPS, secure browsing, and mobile-friendliness will be part of significant Rollout. 

Google has stated that they will complete the full Rollout by the end of August 2021. AMP requirements for top stories carousels will also be ended within the same timeframe. 

Google has updated detailed information about the core web vital and page experience update in its FAQ section. It is highly recommended to go and read it. 

Why Should You Care? 

With the additional time for the update to happen, we should get more involved in making the required changes on our websites. Use Google Search Console to make changes and improve your page experiences. If you wish your websites to rank on Google Top News Stories and Search Carousels, this will be your chance.

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