EngageBay Review

EngageBay is an all-in-one sales, marketing, and service software built for entrepreneurs and businesses. With this comprehensive, user-friendly digital marketing suite, you can manage leads and grow traffic on your website effectively. Its sales and CRM abilities can help in the conversion of leads to actual customers.


  • Sales and Markeiting Automation
  • Contact Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Building and Personalizing Emails
  • Territory Management


  • Zapier integration doesn’t include deals yet (expected soon)

Why EngageBay?

In the past few years, the purchasing patterns of people have changed. Because of the Internet, people are showered with a number of solutions for a single problem. Various marketing agencies are using this boom of social media and the internet to market their products better.

Since a user’s needs are explored over time, people often end up using a dozen marketing software products to fulfill their requirements. For example, live support might not be in the initial scope of the business requirements. However, as their user base grows, they might feel the need to include the same. Managing multiple applications is difficult as you need to take care of multiple login interfaces, independent billing, etc. Juggling through different applications for marketing needs is not only inconvenient but also inefficient. So, to circumvent such difficulties, we can use Engagebay, an all-in-one unified digital marketing suite that works perfectly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

EngageBay CRM assists you in managing email contacts, tracking the sales pipeline to grow sales, and strengthening relationships with the customers. Some of the alluring features of Engagebay include Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Email Template Builder, Landing Builder, Free CRM, SEO tools, Live Chat, and Helpdesk, etc. Engagebay also offers a free trial that you can sign up for without a credit card.

EngageBay Features

EngageBay offers a complete marketing suite that will give you an out-and-out view of every interaction with leads and track their information. You can gain a deeper insight into what is working and what isn’t using various tools on offer.

Engagebay has divided the services it offers into three primary categories – Marketing Bay, Sales Bay, and Service Bay.

Marketing Bay

  • Lead Capture Forms: You can capture leads and grow engagement using their responsive contact forms and web popups.
  • Landing Page Builder: You can easily create attractive landing pages that will boost your lead conversions instantly.
  • Email Templates: Their intuitive email designer can be used to easily generate responsive emails
  • Email Broadcasts: It allows you to run offers, promotions, or send newsletters to all (or some) of your customers at once. You can also measure click, opens, and other related important metrics.
  • Marketing Automation: Using their advanced marketing automation tools, you can automate the marketing funnel and nurture leads effectively.

Sales Bay

  • Multiple Deal Pipelines: Based on various parameters like geographies, product categories, etc., you can create separate deal pipelines to track leads and measure conversions.
  • Make Calls Directly: You can directly call your customers from Engagebay without any external hardware or software installations.
  • Sales Automation: You can automate the sales funnel easily with the tools provided by Engagebay
  • Account-based Marketing: Based on the metrics like email opens, document reads, time spent, etc., you can run personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Service Bay

  • Filtered Ticket Views: You can view only the data you want in a ticket by filtering the rest
  • Unlimited Tickets: From a single interface, you can answer as many tickets as you want
  • Service Automation: You can set up a bot to automatically reply to customer queries. Also, you can save time by creating readymade responses for commonly asked questions and then using them with a single click.
  • Grouping: You can organize tickets efficiently by grouping them into different categories
  • Create Tasks: To boost the productivity of support agents and keep them focused, you can create tasks.

With over 12,000 clients, Engagebay has emerged as a trusted name in the field of digital marketing automation. Let’s take a look at its pricing.

EngageBay Pricing

Engagebay offers monthly, annual, and biennial plans. You can start using Engagebay’s all-in-one suite at no cost for up to 1000 contacts and 1000 branded emails. All of its plans, namely Free, Basic, Growth, and Pro, support unlimited users. EngageBay also offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

EngageBay Pricing

If you sign up for biennial plans, the rates are slashed by around 40% as opposed to monthly plans. The Basic plan, priced at $11.99/month, supports up to 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails. The Growth and Pro plans are priced at $39.99/month and $79.99/month, respectively. Growth supports up to 50,000 contacts and 25,000 branded emails, whereas the Pro plan supports unlimited contacts and up to 50,000 branded emails. To see what all of these plans offer in detail.

Final Verdict

Engagebay is a highly affordable solution to all the marketing needs and is a great fit for small and medium-sized businesses. It just costs around $1 per day to use all of its features, such as SEO tools, email marketing campaigns, marketing automation, email sequences, landing pages, web forms, and social media monitoring. If you are looking for a comprehensive and affordable marketing solution, you should definitely check out Engagebay.

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