Comindware – The Smart Tool For Business Process Management

It is everyone’s requirement to get more and more time for things that they perform at work. It is an intimidating task to manage multiple projects at the same time for a company. Project management has gained importance and is involved in businesses to provide solutions to such a problem, i.e., currently, companies want to do more by spending less time organizing it.

Comindware Tracker is a contemporary high-tech cloud-based process management solution for businesses. Comindware Tracker is an extremely active SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that helps you rationalize your business procedures, including project management, automation of workflow, HRM (Human Resource Management), tracking of issues, management of office, a collaboration of resources, and modern management of communication. Comindware Tracker makes it easier for you to carry out your business tasks and makes the core functionality of the business an enjoyable and lively experience.

The Major Benefits of Comindware

The user will get the Comindware Tracker and Comindware Software for managing tasks when he uses Comindware. These are two systems that work together for managing all the aspects related to the product, tracking the progress of the process, and mitigate problems and obstacles associated to the projects.

Comindware Elastic Data technology helps you to visually automate, optimize and design any sort of workflow processes appropriate to their department and industry with easiness. It keeps its focus on the features of work-centric collaboration, which permits every member of the team to easily collaborate by participating in discussions, sharing files, adding comments, etc.

Teams can either work online or physically in the office. They can get connected from anywhere through an online medium and obtain progress reports, and other data, and make changes quickly and easily. This is due to an integrated system of task management and an unrestricted add-in that synchronizes Outlook with the system.

This program uses online services based on API, which makes it easier to assimilate Comindware Tracker with services and systems of any third party that you might be operating with, and ensures all-in-one integration for the users.

Comindware is not just familiar with the organization of tasks, but it makes the organization easier and more efficient, even for complicated tasks. With Comindware, you will always have information regarding your business project right in front of you, updated, and easily accessible.

Other highlights include:

  • The layout of the main dashboard is quite similar to that of Microsoft Office. For instance, it has the same Ribbon design as in Microsoft Office, which means users will be more familiar to it, and it would be easier for them to use it.
  • The column on the extreme left is known as the navigation column, the center column shows the list viewed by you, and the extreme right column provides the detailed view of the items highlighted in the other two columns. This helps you to manage multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Tasks might have layers that are nested for creating ease in their management.
  • Tasks are assigned varied due dates, and every task is controlled in real-time.
  • The users can record the duration that they spend on every task for efficient allocation. This makes it easier for you to know which tasks are taking more time and helps to manage time in a better way.
  • New tasks can be added easily and quickly by clicking on ‘creating a task’ button.
  • Tasks can also be assigned or made personal. It prioritizes the tasks for teams and individual members, and this makes the management of time easier and offers accountability.
  • You get to create various workgroups and spaces separately for teams and departments. You can operate manifold departments from a single place. Every one of them is organized; no need to shuffle around. It’s just a click away.
  • You can optimize your workflows by using templates offered by the system, or you can create them yourself.


The downloadable version is less expensive, as you just have to pay a single time amount of 375 dollars/ user. While the cloud version seems to be a bit expensive as you are required to pay 250 dollars/ user every year, this totally depends on the number of users that use the software. For instance, if you provide access only to the front-line resource, which executes tasks, receives a call for admission to the social services, or calling the travel agency for making reservations, you just need to purchase licenses for a greater number of people. Comindware might take into consideration a price adjustment or offer a discount to the companies that have a greater number of employees, but just a few administrators.

Live Online Support

It is important to understand why do you require a Cloud-based system, Comindware Tracker offers 24/7 online support through live chats and phone calls. This ensures that the needs of the users are addressed instantly and on an immediate basis.

Final Words

Comindware Tracker offers an online business interface, which helps you to accomplish the expected tasks for any normal office that does not have an online existence. It moves further by establishing an enterprise right at the center of eCommerce and enables you to gain complete advantage of the entire online customer base and abundance of expert services which are available internationally within the convenience of your online office.

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