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6 Best Torrent Sites 2022

First of all, putting together a list of the best torrent sites requires constant updating and tweaking – as the available ones change all too frequently. You don’t need to look any further; we have the most current list of best torrents in 2022 (that still work!)

During the past few years, there have been many shutdowns where many torrent sites are concerned – an updated list has become crucial in times like these. Which torrents sites are still available to use? Which are reliable? This article will answer all your questions.

The Best Torrent Sites That Still Work

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Founded in: 2003

Alexa Rank: #173 

No. of Torrents: More than 3.2 million

Available Content Formats: Audio, Video, Apps, Games, and Software

  • One of the most popular torrent sites on the planet
  • Eluded many shutdowns
  • Specific VIP and Trusted tags enable users to determine safe torrents from illegitimate

To state that The Pirate Bay is an elite pioneer when it comes to the torrenting world is not an understatement. It’s a free and functional torrent that survived until 2018 and features unbound attractive features to keep you hooked. The ease of use lets its users download movies, TV shows, games, as well as music with zero hurdles whatsoever.

2. 1337X


Founded in: 2007

Alexa Rank: #358

No. of Torrents: More than 2.3 Million

Available Content Formats: Movies, Games, Apps, Anime, Documentaries, TV Shows

  • Famous for elaborate browsing options
  • Categorized according to Latest Episodes, Oscar Nomination, etc
  • Faster and better trackers

1337x is nothing short of an encyclopedia in terms of the extremely vast variety of content the site provides its users. One of the most unique features is the library of book torrents that 1337x stores. Consider it a one-stop shop for all kinds of content that fit the needs of all kinds of users.

3. TorLock


Founded in: 2010

Alexa Rank: #9948

No. of Torrent: More than 4.4 Million

Available Content Formats: Movies, Games, Music, Apps, TV Series, eBook, Anime, Audio Books, Software, Images

  • A vast range of anime, music, and ebooks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Filtered top 100 lists to help users

One of the main focuses of TorLock is to provide its users with content that is legitimate and real. Since there are a lot of fake links available online, it is a top priority to ensure that the content is legitimate. Besides that, TorLock hosts tons of anime for people to browse through and download – which is quite difficult to find otherwise.

4. Torrentz2


Founded in: 2016

Alexa Rank: #1347

No. of Torrent: More than 60 Million

Available Content Formats: Movies, TV Series, Music, Apps, Games, Software

  • Most comprehensive music library
  • Easy to navigate

The feature that helps Torrentz2 stand out is its torrent index, as it offers a metasearch engine. It means that you can basically find anything and everything through this site.

5. Zooqle


Founded in: 2013

Alexa Rank: #4488

No. of Torrents Available: More than 3.5 Million

Available Content Formats: Movies, Games, Apps, TV Series, Anime, Images, Books

  • A library of 3.5 + million torrents (verified)
  • Famous for a new site
  • Offers a range of software torrents as well

With comprehensive browsing options that allow the users to find what they are looking for, in an instant, Zooqle is a relatively new torrent site in 2018, that is not at all behind its predecessors. Whether you are in search for an ebook, or a software, Zooqle has it all.

6. LimeTorrents


Founded in: 2009

Alexa Rank: #1789

No. of Torrents Available: More than 9.8 Million

Available Content Formats: Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, Anime, and Software

  • Dodged multiple shutdowns
  • Intuitive and clean interface
  • Bigger and better trackers back up most torrents

One of the most famous and top-tier torrenting sites, LimeTorrents always finds a way to survive. It holds a very vast and complete library of high-quality content in every category, and its users are never let down. The only issue that may stand in the way is its unavailability in many regions.

Torrenting Without a VPN May Cost You

In order for users to experience completely safe and anonymous torrenting, the use of a proper VPN is not only recommended but extremely necessary. A VPN enables its users to hide their identity and keep their internet activity hidden as well. Torrenting in 2022 is not only about finding the best torrent sites available, but also ensuring that you stay safe while doing so.

If you notice, most torrent sites in 2022 give you an explicit warning to torrent using a VPN BEFORE you start any downloads. Ever thought, why might that be?

Well, there is a valid reason.

Although it depends on where you live, torrents can prove to be illegal. If you are not careful, the implications of severing the law can be quite serious – ranging from heavy fines to copyright infringement suits, all the way to some much-awaiting jail time. Suppose that torrenting is not rendered illegal in the region that you reside in, but you could still face many issues, such as your ISP could boost up your bandwidth as soon as heavy data use is identified. Resulting in an extremely slow internet connection – slowing the downloading of the torrent even more so.

Why do you NEED VPN for Torrenting (The Benefits)


It’s no secret that torrent sites are blocked in many regions, by authorities or by the service provider itself. Using a VPN ensures that you are able to connect to servers outside of your country – enabling you to bypass the geo-blocks and torrent on sites that are available in those countries.

Zero Throttling

As mentioned earlier, your ISP throttles the bandwidth as soon as it detects that heft content is being downloaded. But, once you torrent using a VPN, it means your traffic is masked, and the ISP can’t detect any torrenting taking place.


A VPN encrypts your connection and changes its routes through other servers – making your identity untraceable. All you have to do is ensure that you choose a good VPN that offers top-tier encryption (and does not allow logging), and you’re good to go.

The Difference Between Public and Private Torrent

If you are a frequent torrent user, then you must know this difference. It’s not that difficult to adapt. A public torrent site does not require any specific invitation or subscription to enter. Their main traffic is routed from advertisements. Whereas a private torrent site would need a subscription or an invitation from an existing member at the very least. Apart from the main difference, the performance of both kinds of sites varies from one another as well – download speeds and how fast the content is updated.

Torrent Sites Blocked in Regions

As if there were not enough restrictions on using torrent sites already, blocking in certain regions is only making the process tardier. Here is a list of countries facing the impending torrent blocking issue.

  • USA

This is #1 on the list of countries where torrent sites may end up causing you serious legal troubles, such as copyright infringement and DMCA notices –which is why there are blocks on most torrent sites. To torrent and avoid facing legal implications, users must torrent using a VPN – hiding their IP address as well as hiding internet activity in the USA from their ISPs.

  • Canada

One of the most serious consequences you could face while torrenting in Canada is hefty copyright infringement notices from copyright holders. Users must avoid streaming and downloading copyrighted content from torrent sites. Make use of a reliable VPN instead.

  • UK

Having access to a few of the best and most famous torrent sites may be impossible in the UK without having to face legal complications. For example, using BitTorrent will most definitely land you a copyright infringement notice in no time – unless your browser using a VPN.

  • Australia

Following into the footsteps of the earlier mentioned countries, torrenting has become near to impossible in Australia. If you wish to use torrent sites to download your favorite content, you must have to do so using a VPN; otherwise, you could face some serious legal implications.

  • India (and others)

Yes, you read that right. India has also begun taking action against people who torrent. This left the torrent users no choice but to start using VPNs to access their favorite torrent sites as well.

Final Thoughts

Torrenting can be quite a tedious task if you reside in a region where most of the torrent sites are blocked. It becomes impossible to stay clean of legal actions being taken against you. Every single day, the authorities are stamping on hefty fines and jail time on people due to minor discrepancies.

The key to using the best torrents sites in 2022 is to make sure that you are doing so privately and with a secure connection. The most reliable source of security is a VPN, and by doing so, you can easily surpass any surveillance and being logged on to by regulatory agencies.

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