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Adworld Conference 2020 Neil Patel Session Overview

Although it seems like that, I wouldn’t be able to attend the conference of Adworld 2020, but I did. A most awaited conference of the Digital World, organized by none other than the Guru of Growth Hacking – Mr. Neil Patel. The one and the only reason I was so excited to attend this conference is Mr. Neil Patel. 

Neil Patel is my mentor. I have been following him from day one. I started my career in Digital Marketing. Everything I learned about Digital Marketing is mostly from this guy. You can find his videos and courses on his youtube channel to start your training. 

Adworld Conference was a paid subscription-based conference which is not available on the YouTube channel. I am writing this blog to share my experience at the conference and give away the knowledge I gained during the session. In this conference, Mr. Neil Patel describes a lot in detail about the changing dynamics of SEO, Content, Social Media, and more. 

We all know the deadly impact COVID-19 Pandemic has made on the economy, and many businesses that denied to transform their model to online shopping, have finally started transforming. The period after the pandemic was a busy one for Neil Patel, as he has helped many businesses digitally. In this conference, he mentioned that he is working on upselling and down-selling and focusing on Funnel creation for all sorts of businesses, may it be an eCommerce market or software development industry

Neil Patel Seo Experience After Pandemic

Let’s move on to the second main point that Neil is highlighted in the session.

Updating Content

Updating Content

Yes! This is the main point that Neil has highlighted in the session; although Neil already highlighted this point many times in his youtube videos, due to his significance, Neil quoted it again. 

He said billions of websites live on the web, so why google give value to your website? Most websites publish content regularly, so if you want to be different, update your content.

When it comes to updating content, you can add videos to it. You can expand the content as well as you have to remove the irrelevant ones.

Repurpose your content and publish them again with the same URL. 

Let’s move to the 3rd important point that Neil highlighted in the session.

How to produce Content that Ranks

From the first day of my marketing career, I follow this quote by Neil Patel, “Content is the King.”

Yes, it’s entirely true. Content is the king, and usually, those websites rank quickly on google that frequently produces relevant content.

In the session, Neil said, 

Focus on creating content that drives revenue, not just traffic, 

He gives three examples.

  • Some people are just searching for research, e.g., “What is the best laptop for developers?”
  • Some people are searching for buying decisions, e.g., ” Mac vs windows laptop.”
  • Some people are looking to purchase “Macbook pro discounts.”

It’s better to have 3000 revenue-generating visitors rather than 30k irrelevant visitors.

So, for them finding revenue-generating keywords, he suggested his tool “Ubersuggest.”

He said, If you want to rank high on high difficulty keywords, you have to produce informational articles, Like “how-tos,” Whats is and how it works,” etc.

Google loves information articles rather than selling articles.

He also said, “Don’t make log URLs; make your URLs highly relevant to your articles.”

Now it’s time to move on to the 4th, the last point that Neil Patel mentioned in his session.

Tools Recommended By Neil Patel

Tools Recommended By Neil Patel

There are lots of seo tools, and some are outstanding. 

Neil Patel highlighted Google data studio in this session; he did not recommend any seo specific tool.

He said:

“Seo is not just seo; Everything is interconnected. Like if you want to rank high on google, then you have to produce high-quality content, and then you will get social shares by which people will link to you, So Everything is interconnected.”

He finalized his session by highlighting a few points regarding youtube seo and how it is different from google search.

How Youtube Seo Is Different from Google Seo

He said:

“Youtube is keyword-driven; if you use a specific keyword in your video on which you want to rank, then you can get a good and fast ranking on youtube. Also, upload a manual transcript of the video in which you can use the focus keyword.”

Youtube provides values to those videos that perform well in the first 24 hours for that; you can use push notification, messenger blast, share on your social platforms, etc.

He also said:

“Make videos more than 5 minutes of length because youtube love its visitor to stay for a long time so that youtube can earn ad revenue.”

Youtube values those videos that have good engagement in comments because liking and disliking are very easy, and a good hack to get comments on your video is to ask questions in the video. 

At the end of the session, the interviewer asks the last question to Neil Patel about where to invest more either in paid marketing or seo?

Neil replied:

I spend six-figures $$ investment, which is 70% in seo, mostly in content creation and other in staff and rest in paid marketing because seo is the best way to make brands and generate ROI. 

And now, it’s time to share the point that I love the most.

For me, the main point that Neil has highlighted in the session: 

He said, “The USA market is becoming very competitive, so don’t focus only on English content, Tap the international market by producing content in different languages. For that, you have to do country based keyword research, and you can do this with Ahrefs.”

My Views About Session

I completely agree with Neil’s points, but I am shocked that Neil Patel invested 70 percent of his budget in seo. I agree that seo is the best for ROI, but I think brands should balance their investment in Seo and Paid Marketing because they have a low budget. You can’t wait for repeating results from SEO. Initially, seo will be expensive for you. So, I recommend that you invest in paid marketing, and then you can invest in SEO. 

But if you have patience and want to succeed in the long run, I recommend investing more than 50% like Neil. 

I want to recommend booking your seats for the adworld conference 2021 to find the best industry experts there. As well as you will get a certificate like this.


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